About Moulton Lumber

Charles Moulton worked as a farmer until 1882 when he moved to a house at the outlet of Adam's Pond and purchased the Adam's Sawmill. Charles, who was in his 40's at the time, worked there until his death in 1927 at age 77.

The mill was passed on to his son George. George worked at the mill and raised his three sons in the two story house across the street from the mill. All of the boys initially worked at the mill, but Arthur eventually became the primary owner. Under his direction, the obsolete mill on the pond was closed and a modern mill and building supply store was built about a quarter of a mile from the original site.

After Arthur's death at age 73, in December of 1989, the mill passed on to three of Arthur's five children. Allen, Edward and Carl, all of West Newfield. In 1996, Ed transformed an old apple storage building in Cornish into a drive-thru lumber yard.

The mill in Newfield has since closed, but Moulton Lumber can still access the dimensional lumber and moulding profiles that they used to make themselves.